Sunday, November 29, 2009

Abuelo tan divino!

Nenas tio Cesar arrived from Colombia he was lucky enough to spend some days with Abuelo I can just see how happy they were.  There are many pictures but there is one picture that says it all.

I can just feel their happiness is being to long since I have being embrace this way in Abuelo's arms I can just remember being a  little girl and feeling Abuelo hug me and kiss me.  There was no better place than his arms.

There are so many pictures tio took, I would love to put them all this are some of the ones that I love.  

I love this picture sleeping next to his oldest granddaughter, I know he loved having her over there he is just so sweet and special.

 I will be putting more pictures as the week goes if I can make up my mind in picking up the best ones.  

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