Thursday, November 19, 2009

Feathers, pilgrims, bows and arrows!

Today was Samia's thanksgiving play and meal.  I volunteer to go and help the teachers serve the food for the children.  It was so nice seeing her walk in with her class to the auditorium then sit down with all her classmates and eat her meal on top of the beautiful placemat she made and her little Indian hat.

After eating they had to sit in their lines in the hall to get ready for the presentation she had not idea baba was going with Gamila to hear sign.  The whole time she was in sitting down the only thing she did was funny or silly faces my little clown.

Samia I can tell you that the whole 15 minutes you were sitting down listening to the play the only thing you did was make faces.  Nena when mami was a little girl I was known for making faces I still do not as much Samia you love to that.

Yesterday while the girls nap I realize she had nothing fall looking to wear so I being reading allot about using ruffles to decorate shirts, so I took a few scraps and did the ruffles then when Samia woke up she position them in her shirt.  I moved them just a bit when I was sewing them but overall is her own design.

Oh Samia today when I went to your school your teacher came up to me asking me if I was having a boy, apparently you have being mentioning at school that you have a baby boy coming. I love the fact that you are already acknowledging the baby.

On a complete different note look at this baby I want to eat him my Charlie...
I can not wait to see him againg.

Here are a few more pics from the week out and about with the funny nenas.

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Very cute!!!

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