Saturday, November 21, 2009

Filling the fish tank

Wepa today finally we got some fish not many just 6 las nenas were excited about since the other day one of the gold fish that Ms. Bonnie gave Milo for her birthday die, so I went ahead and removed him before Samia woke up, the funniest thing was when Samia woke up and started screaming

Samia "Mami the fish went out"

Mami "Where to?"

Samia "To get spanish food"

Don't ask me where she got that from for startes there is not even a Spanish restaurant here in Thibodaux...yes I know many Mexican but not Spanish food.

Today I finally finish the puppets for Samia for her Christmas gifts they actually came out pretty good, and let me tell you after working with felt you get addicted to that now I am thinking what else I can make is just so easy to handle and so cute when you get the final product.

The names for the baby I think I have look over single website you can think off, now you find mami with her bible and baba with his Koran looking for names that we like....Nene don't worry you will have a cool name like your sisters by the time you are born, Inshallah.

Nenas tio Cesar is in Colombia enjoying abuelo he had not seeing him for over 15 years, I can just imagine that reunion, I can not imagine the time I get to go and see him I think is being the same time the last time I saw him. Tio Cesar did mention Abuelo is getting old and his heart is giving him a very hard time so most likely next year we would be visiting him in Colombia.

I have also started working in my Christmas cards I took the idea from Martha Stewart I had seen it in a magazine a while back, I being trying to find it online to create a link but no luck so far. I will keep on trying they are the coolest, funniest cards all of our family and friends would receive this year.

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Nettie's Blog said...

oh your reference to Spanish and Mexicans took me back to May 2 years ago when i spent a month in Merida in the yucatan Penn...loved it and to think my daughter lived there for 12 months with her les the goldfish tank by the way...