Thursday, October 29, 2009

XY Chromosome, Halloween!!!

Five months of pregnancy 4 to go Inshallah!!!!

It looks like we would have a little XY in our hands in a few months. I am still in denial we first found out about a week ago when the DR. said XY I was like no no you can not be right.  I think I made her doubt herself and then she said maybe not.  However the baby kept on being very active and she reasure us once again XY.

Yesterday I went to my high risk Dr.because when I will give birth I will be 35 and 34 is the cut off age for becoming being a high risk pregnancy...I know it sounds scary.  Once again the DR. inform me that it would be a XY.  So as of now we would be having a I have to start looking for a name difficult task our main concern is that Abuela and Guido and Zetu can pronounce it with no problem.

In another note today was Samia's Halloween party at school, I was impress how big the party it was bouncy home and everything and I have to be sincere I was a bit embarrass I send some candy and snacks but today when I picked Samia up she came home with a bunch of treat bags, toys...I felt so bad I send nothing compare to what other parents gave.  I guess I am new at this and I just don't know how it works, I learned my lesson I will do better for the next big occasions.


I have also being working in finishing Milo's party favors as well as her dress for that day here is my little Safari girl. 

I also finish a gift for cute girl that her birthday is also coming up. I recently taught myself to crochet so I am enjoying myself doing hats and flowers although for some reason it takes me longer to make the flowers.  Also Samia enjoys telling me what color to make the flower and what buttons to put in the hat she is becoming a very nice designer.

I will be working in the birthday cards for all of these little people we have allot of birthday's coming up the next couple of weeks so I am busy creating some cool stuff for all of these little people.

Today baba stayed with Milo alone and this what goes on when Milo is home alone without Samia.


Khadra said...

Obviously I have to come back in the morning and catch up on my reading because I didnt know you were pregnant! Congratulations!! You know I had two girls first and then two boys. Having a boy after two girls is very very different, and feels kind of shocking. You just kind of assume the next one will be a girl too. Congrats!!!

KKGhoffman said...

Congrats a boy how exciting!! You are going to Love have a little boy!

Salma said...

I'm happy for your family...a boy is great news. Great shots of the girls.

Mistika said...

Thank you guys!
I am picturing myself with a boy and have not being able to as of now!

Anonymous said...

that is so awesome!!!Felicidades te va a encantar tener un nino!Que bonita noticia:)

Counselormama said...

Congrats on your little man who will coming soon! You will love having a boy, I have one and he is so crazy about me!

Michelle said...

Ahhh, how did I miss this post and that you were having a BOY! Congrats again!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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