Friday, October 30, 2009

Another day

Yesterday I tried something new actually baba gave me the idea he study sculpture back in Egypt and I know he enjoys doing things with this hand and seeing Samia do them as well.  He told me to get plaster and some molds.  I was thinking of buying Samia ornaments to start painting so we could send to our family, but he had a better idea.  I prepare it with her help although you have to be careful because it does get hot, then we waited for it to get hard I remove them and then she went ahead and paint them.  Baba was with her when she painted and he loved it.  My Milo just look at the things Samia was doing...Milo it was funny to see you so calm looking at your sister.

I also came across this bag of wood shapes in all colors the perfect thing to have Samia separate them by color and shape, although she is not to happy of separating  them by shapes I think she is not very familiar with them so is a bit more challenging, plus the shapes are small and large making it a bit harder.

Today was Milo's puppet show it was so funny she was fighting the whole time with the curtains. 

Tomorrow is Halloween Inshallah we would have some fun with some friends poor baba has to work but oh well the girls want to have fun.


AlabasterMuslim said...

You are a really good mother, mashallah! You are always doing things for your daughters... it makes me happy knowing that there are mothers like you in this world!

Salma said...

It's funny and intriguing to see Milo so focused...she's an angel.

I take it you are still beaming from finding out it's a "boy". Just send some baby dust my way.