Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bye Abu!

Yesterday we left Miami it was so sad saying bye to Abu, Samia was a bit sad when she said bye.  

When we were up in the air everysingle body of water she saw she would say "Mami can we go fishing there?, she would also say something like Mami are there any sharks there.

The last night we were in Miami our friends Gina and Jeane came to see us it was funny because they are twins and Gamila was looking at them like there is something not right here.  After a while the girls were enjoying their company.



Today Samia went to school and I was amaze she did so well, I though she was going to cry specially that she had not being in school for over a week and half.  Now Samia your thing is your stories...not sure where you get them from but they are to crack up.

Today you told us that a girl quit school and the funny part is how upset you were while telling us the story.  Yesterday the story was that your leg hurt and you needed to sleep with us.  Today you started another story about smelling fire and having to crawl to our bedroom to get us.  I think you learn this in school but you try to make it work to your advantage.

Milo you are the funniest kid I have ever met you repeat everything we ask you to say, you are always laughing and the best part is that you have this authority voice.  Is this little midget giving orders. 

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