Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick Treat!

Yesterday was a great day I think since Samia was born is the first time she really understands what Halloween is about, I also realize that even if we as parents are not very involved in the festivities we have to do it for them, she wanted to dress up since the sun came out. Instead she decided to do goody bags for her friends..Samia you are so thoughtful I love that about you.  The other day out of the blue you said something like "Mami I miss you too much when I am in school"

The weather change so we have to change Milo's costume I had originally though about Tinkerbell but it was a bit cold so we went to our second choice the first costume Samia worn a caterpillar, I though she was not going to wear it since it has a hat, but boy was I surprise she loved it.  I had to cut out the legs because it did not fit her but she looked great.

While at home Samia showed Milo how a caterpillar had to walk and she made me laugh so much my two little clowns.

Afterward we went to Bonnie's house she has invited us over with some other friends we had so much fun, they kids went crazy knocking at doors asking for candy.  


Stylomom said...

Hahaha she made me laugh... so lovely they are.. thanks for sharing Mistika... great pictures!

Wenbren Explains It All said...

cute! The caterpillar costume looks so nice and warm! I always like all your pictures, how do you make them get big like that?That's great that they loved Halloween, que bonitas!:)