Monday, September 7, 2009

Pita Girls modeling! School dilema!!!

So I being procrastinating baking bread I had never done it but now that we ran out of pita bread and no international store around here, I finally made my mind and lost the fear and decided to make bread not sure if it would be a success. I took the recipe from here and it work like a charm, baba like it and so did las nenas. I am not a bread person so I did not even taste, I am the type of person that takes the bun out of the burgers or the hot dogs.

Gamila I have started to potty train you but I have to admit I am not full force mainly because I will be going to Miami in the next couple of weeks, so I figure when I come back I will start the right way, however that potty travels all around the house and here we are in the kitchen having a potty party, in hopes that you will do something in the potty.
I being trying to crochet for a while got some books from the library but there is no way for me to learn from those illustrations, my hats go out to whom ever understands those illustrations. After many times giving up I stumble upon a video in you tube and wallah mission accomplish, I made this little hat with the baby on mind, however the yarn was not good quality so I figure I will just save it for one of the dolls, but Milo you had another intentions for it, you love it and would not want to take it off.

I know many mami's out there love Etsy and so do I so while looking at some of their stuff I found this shirt I love and I wanted to make it for one of the girls so here is my version and once again my Milo you love to put on whatever I make for you!

Samia today we had Carson over and you had a blast with him, playing like always, Gamila you even enjoy the fun, and mami had a blast talking to Stacy and her mom, and adorable lady and so much fun to talk to. They were nice enough to take the drive to come and visit us, Stacy is the person I have known the longest in Louisiana and whenever I have need her help she has always being there. I still remember meeting little Carson at 9 months and walking while my little Samia was just crawling.

Samia today you said something that melt my heart thank God you said it after having to talk to you for over an hour on why you need to go to school, you told me you want to stay home, you don't want to go to school, you want to stay with me and Milo......
I can not blame you I know we are 3 fun girls, but school is very important my love.
After having this dialog over and over for about an hour, when I was drying your hair after bath time you whisper in my ear "MAMI I LOVE THE BABY YOU HAVE IN YOUR BELLY SO MUCH"
Believe me my love I forgot the school episode!!!!!


Michelle said...

Awwww, that made me cry to hear that Samia whispered that she loves the baby in your belly so much!!!! Adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

what a sweet big sister!:) I need to start my potty training too, he brings me the wipes and diapers so he is ready, I just have to get in that mode too!

Stacy said...

We had the best time visiting with ya'll! I'm am so glad that mom decided to take the drive with us, she definitely needed the get away and loved visiting with you and the girls!