Monday, September 28, 2009

Miami what a bussy agenda

So on Saturday we arrrived, las nenas did more than good in the plane, it was a breeze, I am so proud of my two gorditas.  Samia was very anxious of seeing  Abuela when she saw her in the gate she was beyond happiness she run to her it shows that talking about Abuela all the time and putting her on the phone does create a bond.

At Tio Fabio's house and I finally got to meet Charlie he is just gorgeous and such a good baby reminds me of Samia and also holding him makes realize that in 5 months I will be holding a baby in my arms is a feeling hard to describe.

Tio Cesar decided to take some family pictures since we don't get to have all the grandchildren together that easily so here are a few shots of the family.

Afterwards we came to Abuelas house and las nenas got to jump in abus bed something they are not allow to do at home so might as well enjoy it for the next couple of days....what is best than Abuelas house is sad that I never had an abuela to enjoy like that, but I am so happy las nenas get to.

Like it was expected Samia got Nono to read to them from the moment they arrived.

Tio Fabio had gotten us tickets for Disney on Ice the princess so Samia was super excited about going to see them.  The show was gorgeous they all loved it even Abuela and Nono.


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These photos are beautiful. I especially love the one of Samia up close.