Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ikea ~ Baby !

Like always Abu has always help me with the potty trainning and it would not change with Milo.  I got this cool potty at Ikea and Gamila loves it and Abu is so good about it.

Tio Fabio usually comes over Abu's house before going to work and is so beautiful seeing the girls run to him and kiss him and they just want to hang to him.

I had plans of going to Ikea, they open one here in South florida a few months back, I love that store it reminds me of living in New York and going with baba all the time plus all of our house was decorated from there.  I wanted to decorate the girls room from there and thank God I was able to get so many decorations for their room and the playroom even the baby got a few things for him or her.  I was so excited of going and specially with Abuela is so nice to go shopping with her since she knows me so well.  I miss shopping with her. I can not wait for las nenas to grow up and be able to enjoy each other  shopping like I do with Abuela.

We have also visited Charlie and is nice to see the girls interact with him.  Samia is more careful of course she is older, Milo just wants to be in top of him and kiss him. 

They just had to carry him, Gamila loves carring him.


Salma said...

I love to see the girls interacting with the baby...that's so precious. (That's practice for your little one that's coming, no?).

desertmonsoon said...

you know... they have Ikea all the way over here too!

The pictures of your girls with the baby are adorable!

Mistika said...

I know I was amazed how Ikea's are all over the Gulf area!