Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Samia first day in MDO

Today was the big day my little girl Samia's first day at MDO. Yesterday she was a little sentimental she did mention to me that she was going to miss me dearly and her eyes even water a little bit.

Samia you are so thoughtful and sweet is like you are all cover in this thin crust of sugar everything you say and do is just sweet.

Last night I had a terrible night thinking about the school and so forth, my mind was going 200 mph I know it sounds crazy but what can I say is this mami feelings and the hormones. Like if Milo knew at 6:30AM she woke up Samia, baba and me where already in the bed talking about the day.

Baba took Samia out of the bed and talk to her a little bit once again she mention how much she was going to miss her mami, nenas I have to be sincere I just love the fact that this two little people miss me and want me as much as I want to be with them.

We made breakfast, took showers, laid in bed after the shower I love to do this, dress up and Guido was ready to go and drop off our little princess in school. While we waited in the carpool line Samia I could tell you were a bit anxious and a bit scared just by the look in your face. Once we made it one of the teachers was ready to get you of the car, you looked afraid but did great not even a tear came out of you my brown eye girl. On the other hand mami was crying when I drove away. I did overheard when you were walking with the teacher you must had asked her when I was going to pick you up, because I heard that the teacher said "They would pick you up later, don't worry"

I had decided that I wanted to keep busy for the first day you were in school so Milo, Guido and I took a drive to look for the ballet school then to do some shopping then back home. Milo you asked for your sister many times, Milo you loved to repeat everything you hear you have a soft and funny voice. Milo you are also extremely carinoso, you love to apapachar mami kiss her hold her hair and try to hug me with those two little arms. To know that one day those arms would help me stand up, when I am old and weak is amazing how beautiful life is the cycle of taken care of your children for them to take care of you one day.

Nenas I think is a good time to share this about mami and Abuela: Even though I left Miami about 12 years ago, every time I go back to Miami and mami is driving she relays in me for directions, is funny when I get into the car with her she feels that I take care of her, is just weird how Abuela feels that I protect her maybe is the fact that I am always worry about her making sure she eats, she sleeps wells, she goes to the Dr. and so forth. I feel is my duty to take care of her but is not a duty is a pleasure doing it. I know that one day the same would be felt from las nenas to me, because when you raise right and give all of your all that is what you will get in return.

Okey I would go back to the school after wards we went to pick you up your face radiated with happiness I could tell you love it, the moment you got into the car you said " I HAD FUN, I HAD FUN MAMI" "I DID PIPI, AND I TOLD MS. LEAH I MISS YOU TOO MUCH"


Umm Omar said...

aaaw, her first day of school! And I bet you remember the day she was born like it was yesterday! The girls look gorgeous as usual. So cute.

Umm Omar said...

OMG! I just read through your older posts and just learned you are pregnant! YAY! Masha'Allah. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. You are such a good mom, your kids are really so lucky.
(((BIG HUG!)))

Anonymous said...

ahh!!!I wanted to cry you are such a good mami! You are right that is the cycle of life and you are doing a great job in teaching this to your nenas!

Stylomom said...

Mashallah Anna I have missed so much from your blog... Congratulations is in order, both for you and the addition and of course to Samia for starting school. Great news indeed! I am so happy for you. Inshallah everything will be good. Take care ok?

Stacey said...

So cool. Glad she had fun.