Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadan, Salam, Baby and lots more

Today is the first day of Ramadan so Happy Ramadan to all of my Muslim readers.  Today also Guido and Zetu left, poor Guido was so sad about leaving...Zetu was sad but I know she wanted to go back home and visit Mio's grave I know that is something that was always in the back of her mind.  I just can not get to imagine all the cross feeling that she must had felt.

Nenas you enjoy Guido so much he is just the sweetest and most adorable man in this whole world.

Samia while on the way to the airport we had two episodes of throwing up, and you being sleeping the whole day, it seems that you catch a virus, hopefully it just goes thru you and not Milo or mami.

Baby this goes for you the day before yesterday we had a scared with the pregnancy mami took some new vitamins that upset my stomach and from so much strain I ended up bleeding, but when we went to the Dr. we were able to see you happy kicking and very comfortable, so inshallah baby you are growing and getting comfortable in mami's belly.  I can not help myself and wonder what it is a nene or a nena?????  It has even cross my mind not to find out so when I am in the operation table and I am having an anxiety attack, I can only think on what I am having, but I think my curisioty is stronger.

Today is also the first time I spend the whole day alone in our new house, it felt good I can not lie I found the house big for just the three of us while baba was at work, I guess coming from the small crowded apartment, I realize there is alot of space in these house.

I am also teaching myself how to crochet hopefully I can make some cute hats and leggings for the girls for these winter that is next.  Oh nenas I had forgotten to tell you but lately baba and I have a new thing going on, I love to read like you guys know by  now, I actually have to do my reading update I promise I will get it done this week.  Since baba drives so much for his work I had always mention to him how enterteining audiobooks are and he was always reluctlant but I finally convince him on getting one from the library so while I read the hard copy he listens to the book and then we comment about the book like our own book discussion.  We just finish our first one, today I got him the second one that I am also reading the hard copy.  Is another way to conect so far so good.


Stacy said...

Taylor and Will both had a stomach virus last week when they were in FL, luckly they got rid of it before coming back here! She said it only last 2 days. Hopefully Samia gets to feeling better soon!

Mama Kalila said...

Hope Samia gets better soon & that noone else catches it! Kalila & I both woke up today w/ tummy troubles but luckily it didn't last very long at all. Now if only the morning sickness wouldn't last either lol.

I like the book idea... My husband reads as much as I do so we end up fighting over hard copies lol.

Farah said...

Ramadan mubarak!! Q Allah os bendiga y os de un facil mes sagrado, inshAllah.