Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Paint

Today we had schedule to visit our friends Alexandra and Samantha but Alex was not feeling well so we decided to stay home, however baba was coming back today he had being away since Thursday so I wanted to keep the girls bussy since they were getting a bit anxious waiting for baba.

So since the we never got to painting the other chair and now with another baby coming, I just know things are going to pile up so I figure the girls could take a shot at it. I knew Samia was going to be very interested, Gamila was more like painting herself.

Samia you amazed me when we started to pain the chair you said "Mami papa noel did not have time to paint this chair" amazing how you remember everything, I know is normal you are growing but I guess is hard to see how our baby gets bigger and bigger.

Gamila had fun although 75% of the time the word NO came out of my mouth, she wanted to paint her body just judge by the pictures I am going to get some body paints and let each other paint each other soon.

After so much fun it was shower time. Samia loves imitating me and Gamila imitating Samia so is like a chain reaction here is my Samia with the towel over her head like mami.

Nenas you love to kiss each other and hug each other I just love that it makes my day.

Nenas these are the faces I get when I say NO or start getting upset, I guess it defines the two different personalities I have at home Samia you are 3 years old and Milo you are 21 months old.


AlabasterMuslim said...

I just want to say your children are sOO adorable! Are they being raised as a Muslim? (I only ask this because i just found your blog so I do not know if you are Muslim too).

Anonymous said...

que bonitas! Do they know that that a new baby is coming soon?