Friday, July 17, 2009

A little bit of everything!!

Things have being crazy around here. First my back then my ear and throat infection. To add up to everything else, we had a scared and though Abuela contacted the Swine flu thank God was just a false scared, but I have to be sincere it scared me.

Yesterday we also found out Abuelo is in the hospital in Colombia, most likely they would be putting a pacemaker in the next couple of days.

I feel like everything is falling on top of us at the same time, but like we say in spanish God only gives you what he knows that you can handle.

The girls have being enjoying zetu and guido, they would also be going back in the next couple of weeks to spend Ramadan in Egypt.

This weekend we would be babysitting Nitro and Gunner, Alexandra's dogs and Samia loves them to death, truly I see that and it makes me want to get her a dog, but I promise myself we would not have another dog for a while.

The house is coming along is allot of work but so worth it.

Now to my nenas, Samia you have change so much so talkative, I am still trying to figure out how to post your conversations in this site. You talk none stop and I have to admit sometimes your attitude is not the best but I guess is your age, but also is my duty to correct you now.

Samia you love to wear your princess or barbie gown, you could spend your whole day wearing them. The other day you went with me to the Dr. and I have to admit you behaved great better than expected.

Gamila what can I say about you the fire of the house your eyes radiate energy, every word that comes out of your mouth is full of feeling and excitement. Your talking is getting better, I think you rely allot on Samia.


Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

Hope everyone's health gets back up to par, inshallah. And, glad you're feeling better!

Khadra said...

pacemakers and flus and infections. Im sorry :(