Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Landscape with Tio Fabio

Like Tio Fabio always says "Everything comes to an end" and yesterday it did, he left with his family, like always tears are involved is just so hard to see him leave it breaks my heart. I am so happy he came and I got to meet Jenniffer what a great girl, they are both a lucky couple and little Charlie would be a very special boy having them for his parents.

Crystal what can I say polite, sweet she is just every parents dream child. The goodbye was a difficult specially when Samia would not stop crying for her Tio, it was so pleasing hearing them scream "Tio" as they were waving their little hands goodbye.

Tio helped us so much around the house on Friday and Sunday we finish the garden. Him and I work all day Friday and half of day Saturday, I even put cement something I had never done in my life but I guess is those little things that come along with being home owners.

Fabio and I designed the landscape on the front and around the side, we also did a little corner with lava rock and put a bird feeder we mainly wanted to block and entrance.

While Tio Fabio and I did the landscape the girls enjoy the pool, Gamila you lost the fear of the pool Crystal got you in there and your fear was gone.

I have two flower beds right when I come out of the house, we also have a key lime tree in a corner and another fruit on the other corner, some palms and 3 rose plants in the front and another 3 on the side, it was so much work but so worth it is amazing how the landscape in a house can change is facade.

Yesterday we just lay low in the house cooking and I had made a cake for Tio Fabio since his birthday is tomorrow I wanted to celebrated before he left, and we also took out time to take silly pictures and just goof around. Crystal loves to walk around the camera taking pictures of us in all of our crazy moves.

Nenas I just pray to God that the same love I share for my brothers is what you guys would share when you grow up

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Umm Omar said...

This post is so sweet. Yes, I, too hope that my children will love one another and support each other when they're older the way you and your brother do. Masha'Allah, you all look so happy. Crystal is a beauty! The landscaping looks gorgeous, too! Good work on that.