Sunday, July 19, 2009

The end of the weekend!

I am sad the weekend is over even though I don't work, but baba was off this weekends and we had so much fun mainly working around the house enjoying the girls the grandparents and just each others company.

We finally finish the playroom I am still missing a lamp and curtains but little, we put up most of our little mobiles that we have purchase for the girls, we also got to hang the letters Samia did with her name we would put up Milo's when she finally decorates them.

Also, this weekends we took care of Nitro and Gunner, Alexandra's dog, Samia loves having them over she was beyond her self petting them, making sure they ate and walking them oh and since she loves to read she read to them.

Samia and Milo every night go and wash their teeth together, Samia you do a great job, Milo you need a bit of help.


Khadra said...

I dont work either, but I dread the end of the weekend too because Grant goes back to work. I miss him, and his help!!

Kim said...

I love your playroom! The color on the walls looks great!

Mistika said...

Khadra - I am so happy to see you around, I miss reading your blog!

Kim - thanks

Umm Omar said...

The playroom looks great!