Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family fun!

My brother and his family arrived on Thursday we had accomplish so much around the house that would be a different post that I will show later, but along so much work we have being having such a great time the kids had so much fun playing with Crystal, their tio and Jennifer.

Samia has focus in her dancing skills with Crystal and she has teach her some new moves. Tio Fabio just enjoys being with his nieces kissing them and spoiling them. Jeniffer is a great cook, I am telling you she has made great food.

Is just so much fun waking up and knowing the house if full, usually we are so alone all the time, but having people over is the best is nothing like family and good friends, yesterday Bonnie and the girls came over they got to meet my family and the kids played like always.

Baba has work this whole weekend, but I know he wishes he could stay with us working around the house like we have done. Fabio is great doing home improvements he came in look at the house and said we need this this and off we were. I have learn so much from him the last couple of days. Not because he is my brother but this kid is so smart, I know kid at the age of 33.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing better than hanging out with family and catching up! I know how your husband feels, it's sad to miss out on all the fun!

Bonnie Azadan said...

Loved your family, thanks for letting us meet them