Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back in Business

I can not believe it but I survive without the internet for a week in a half is hard to believe but it was done. Maybe because I was bury in boxes, cutting grass in 100 degrees temperature, unpacking, adding points to my american express, or becoming the assistance coach of a soccer team...yes you read right baba and mami are your couches for your soccer team Samia the "Green Suckers" don't ask me how we ended up being the coaches it happens so rapidly we did not even had a chance to say "NO" and sincerely I would not had said NO I love it I love those two afternoons that we go and train 9 childrens in the ages of 3 -4 years even our Samia.

On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day baba enjoyed a cake made by Samia or like she calls her self. Aurora, or Princess barbie.

Samia for some reason the last couple of weeks you change your name by the minute you go from Aurora to Cinderella to Barbie in seconds. You have also deciced that you want to go to ballet school and even make the attempt to practice here at home. I also purchase a Voice recorder and I keep it on to records our dialogs. I remember being a bit older and hearing what Abuelo had recorder of me when I was small and I enjoyed it so much hearing my voice at the age of 4 or 7. I think this would be a nice keepsake, especially in these days that time goes so fast by.

Nenas you two are enjoing the house so much it makes me so happy to see you running all over the place and in the yard. Is funny but the house is empty I guess moving from an apartment to a house makes a difference when it comes to space. I am hoping to keep it like this, so we don't feel the need for a bigger house in many many years to come. I know is easier said than done but I will try. Gamila you are in a stage that you imitate everything Samia does. Your favorite word is "SAMIIIIAAAA"

Nenas Guido loves playing with you two and he is willing to do anything that is needed for the two of you.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Wow! You had survived a week without internet. That is indeed something to boast about.
But obviously, your week was filled with wonderful activities and events. That is far more important than being on computer. :)

*~Ange~* said...

i would be lost for an entire week

Anonymous said...

YAy! your back! I love your new house BTW! Felicidades!I too have been somehow absent, I've got reorganizing and cleaning and so many things on my plate, I gotta go back to my old routine!

on the edge said...

Oh my , how big the kids are getting to be ! And how lucky they have such a great big family to be there and love them all the time !

Umm Omar said...

The place looks so nice, Mistika. Congratulations!!
I love the idea of a voice recorder.
Love the pics. :-)

Mistika said...

Grace - I know is hard to believe but I did it.

Ange - Believe me I was lost at times specially at night

wenbren - I know I am trying to get back to a routine as well.

On the edge - I know they are growing so fast is scary

Umm Omar - I love the voice recorder if you get one make sure it has the usb so you can download it to your computer I have a little RCN from walmart

Anonymous said...

Your girls are absolutely adorable. Just breathtaking.

Great soccer layout! How cute!