Friday, June 19, 2009

I am alive

Is being a while but I being bury in boxes and more boxes, a move what can I say tired, overwhelmed so much to do. We are finally moved unpackign and trying to bring some order to my new home, with no internet access neither till next week.

However I got the great excuse I need to do bills so I escape to Starbucks thank God for wireless internet.

Here are a few pictures of the fiasco I being in for the past almost week. Hopefully I will be connected to the world by next week.


Anonymous said...

Oh Anamarie I love it!!! I hope all is well. Call me if you need me to help in any way. We miss you guys.



Stacey said...

The place looks fantastic. We miss you. Stacy and I were talking today we wish you could have been at the park with us today.

Lisa said...

It is beautiful! Love the lighting in the kitchen and the red and black leather sofas. Looks easier to keep clean with the girls as well. Inshallah it will all work out. Love you and take your time sweetie.

Jayme said...

Congratulations on your move! I hope unpacking is going swiftly for you...we have been in our house for nearly 2 years and still have boxes that haven't been opened! That is so sad to admit!

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting settled!