Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crush at 3 SCARY NO JODA !!!!

I being wanting to post about this but I had not gotten around till today.

First of all my 3 year old has a slight crush in one of her soccer team players.  It all started the second time we practice she wanted to be pair with him all the time...all of a sudden we see hugs coming and going.  Baba wanted to blow his whistle VERY VERY loud till mami gave him the killer look like is called here at home.

I did not really do anything about it..however when I got into the car I did a bit of inquiry it went something along this lines.

Mamia --- D is a nice

Samia -- yes he is my friend

Mami -- he hugged you

Samia ---yes mami he hug soft

I had to stop here.....two days later at our next practice little D is running late but when he finally arrived in the field Samia got attach to him once againg.  Let's see what we would encounter on Monday since yesterday we did not have practice because of the weather.  That was a dramatic event here in the house.  Samia your drama is funny but I have to admit sometimes I go insane with so much drama but I guess I have to start getting used to it since I have little Milo in the way.

Milo you are funny full of energy and the light of your eyes is Samia...I am so happy when I see that and I can see the loved and cared the two of you have for each other.

Nenas thank you for making me so happy I love doing eveything around you two eventhough I have to scream many times...

"Milo don't touch"
"Samia stop what you are doing"
"Culicagadas quieren que les de con la chancla"

Las amo nenas!!!!!


Nur said...

"culicagadas quieren que les de con la chancla!"
ahhaha me reí tanto!!
que dulces las niñas...mucha suerte en tu nuevo nidoo!

KKGhoffman said...

oh no a crush already.. well at least he plays soccer :)

Umm Omar said...

lol @ KkGhoffman's comment.

Cute! Our girls, both, are drama QUEENS!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Such a sweet and loving conversation between mommy and little daughter.
I got interest with Samia and her crush. :)

Anonymous said...

First of all, 3 year olds playing soccer?? That must be adorable! And a 3 year old crush, even cuter!