Sunday, May 24, 2009

What a weekend!

It was a great weekend Allhomdulliallah! Baba was off and we were up and about early Saturday morning. Our first stop was in "Opa land" we went to a Greek festival, we had so much fun. We walked around looked at few things they were selling, but the truth we were there for the FOOD yes we love Greek food well WHO? does not like it.

We had a nice plate of roasted lamb right there in the spot this kind of food reminds me of New York when baba and I started dating. Gamila you loved the meat, Samia you were a little hesitant because you did not want to get your little hands dirty.

After baba mention of taking a drive to see the house, is not that far from New Orleans anyway so we drove that way and I know baba likes crab and there are some good places to buy crab so I figure I will tell him to buy some and we could come home and cook them. Nenas the house is finish yes finish almost, is so pretty we are so excited.

Nenas I take this opportunity to talk about being modest. Always remember to be humble, don't brag about what you have or what you got. Abuelo and Abuela always teach me that being pretentious is not a nice trait, it just shows how empty and how much material things mean to you. Samia and Gamila always remember that simple things makes us very happy.

Finally we got home to cook the crabs and like always we call Zetu she is the expert in seafood and in the conversation crazy Guido tell us how to differentiate the males from the females so baba and mami just made the cooking a biology lesson along with a crab race. Samia you did not want to get close to the crabs Gamila you on the other hand wanted to dive with them.

While we were driving back home I am not sure how the conversation started the only thing I know was that baba promise Samia to go and pet the goats???? Okey I look at baba and ask him where are you going to find goats to pet? and his answer was THE nenas as you can imagine Sunday at 9:30 AM we were at the Zoo.

Samia you took control of the map and the whole time said to the right to the left, I just love to see how much you have grown. Is in places like this I can see your changes because I always can compare it to the last time we were there. Mami just wanted to go straight to the petting zoo, but I then felt bad so we took the scenic long hot route. The zoo here in Baton Rouge is very hummmm...not many animals to see, although they do have a nice petting zoo and playground and I have to be nice the giraffes are always out and about.

After petting the goats we headed to the playground..this another place I can see how different you two are.

Samia you the cautious here you are crossing this little bridge going turtle speed and holding on to the bars. Milo here you are crossing the same bridge running and not holding on to the bars.

Samia today was the first time you went down cover slide not sure how to call those, well I should also tell you Samia the only way you will go on it was because I was going up the opposite side, thank God they are wide if not it would not had being a pretty picture.

Samia you have become my little princess so I made you this gown and you asked me to make one for Gamila after the two of you had them on you told me I needed my princess dress. So you went and go it for me, and requested the princess to take pictures and the best part you wanted mami to put her mono like you. Here we are:


Stylomom said...

wow what a wonderful weekend! Great, I have been having crabs for the past two days too, dont know why I love them so much. I usually steam them or cook them in coconut gravy, sooo good mashallah

Jaz said...

They are absolutely beautiful kids :)

Anonymous said...

You are such a wonderful mother. Just wanted to say, I pop in and read your blog when I need to smile! You remind me of my mother when I was young.

Mistika said...

Liz - thank you for your comment it really made my day knowing I made you smile and brought back all of those memories from our mothers.