Friday, May 22, 2009

Sewing, Fun and photos

I am still in the sewing mood, I have being making some stuff for the girls here and there ~~

After yesterday's scare I decided to stay home I finish a princess dress for Samia, last night you decided you don't want to sleep in your regular pants and shirt pajama you wanted to wear a dress and Gamila like the little sister you are follow her older sister, so now I am in need of dress pijamas so today I sew one for Samia and I am about to start in Milo's.

Baba came last night finally we would be able to enjoy him this weekend. This week we had allot of activities some with the playgroup and some without here are few pictures.

Tuesday we went to the pool...Gamila you are fearless you just want to jump in, no worry at all. Samia on the other hand you are the mother of precaution, you will not leave the stairs. Sisters but so different in so many ways.

Tuesday we went to a Birthday pool party ~ Gamila I sewed that shirt for you the other night, and Samia that skirt is the apron skirt I made for you.

Here we are playing with the camera like tres crazy girls!!

And the make up continues...Samia you love to get into the restroom and get mami's make up...thank God I only have lipstick since I don't wear make up at all if not I will have a Samia clown on a daily basis. Samia here you are full of lip gloss like Zetu would say "Ya Salam....."

So this is my version of a Gap skirt, they had them in their store couple of weeks back. Samia loves it she calls her the princess going out skirt. Since she would love to go out with a Tutu and that is a major NO it was very simple fast and easy to make.

This picture explains how the days go by when you are taking care of two, a move is coming up, in-laws are arriving soon, and I am home alone most of the time...FAST very FAST and BLURRY

This is how my two nenas spend their whole day fighting, running, laughing, jumping just having fun.

Another dress I made for Samia now I am in a trend I go to the clothing websites and look for fabric designs then I try to find the same fabric design this one was inspired in the Rainforest Collection

Here is mami playing with her camera and the manual modes..Nenas you love it when I throw myself in the floor and I start playing with the camera you guys do all of these silly faces and poses just for Mama.


Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

I love the green dress you made for Samia! So cute!

And, thanks for becoming a follower and stopping by my page. I would love to visit Egypt. But, like you, we usually take our international vacation every other year and that means going to Morocco to see my husband's family. It's always a great time and I love the culture. It honestly feels more like a second home now, rather than a vacation. :-)

Anonymous said...

I just love your pictures you take! You guys always look like you're having so much fun!!!!

regarding making a button. Lee did mine ( but you can make up something at photobucket too.

Stylomom said...

You are very good in your sewing.. your girls are indeed very lucky.

Umm Omar said...

The pictures are gorgeous, as usual! And you are soooo talented! I sew a little bit, but can only make very simple things. I wish I were better at it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you amiga for all the well wishes! I absolutely luv everything you make you are so talented! Your house and the running around, wrestling and fighting looks exactly like mine:) Good luck with your upcoming move:)

Hajar said...

I was going through my comments and had to visit your blog. Your princesses are so adorable~! And you're really good in making their clothes! Although purple isn't my color, it looks really nice! Thanks for coming over to my blog! :)