Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dr. in the house ~ Driving endless road ~

Today we drove and drove I fed and fed and I had an endless (pointless) erratic dialogs with Samia.

Yes imagine being in the car with las nenas for 2 hours drive then stop 20 minutes and 2 hours drive again. I pack like 4 different containers with snacks these were some of the items in their menu: dry mango, dry cranberries, raisins, hot dog, cheese, grapes, platanitos, bread and cookies oh and juice...and the saddest part is they were still not satisfy. It figure the more you give them the more choices they have making them more picky.

I am those kind of moms that feels guilty letting them watch the car DVD for hours, I think I am robbing their brain from developing (I know I am weird sometimes) and I can not help myself I remember being in a car for 10 hours when I was a child and not having DVD and nothing happen. So to compensate for the DVD I become their entertainer oh I should rephrase it they entertain me...and it goes something like this:

Mami what color is that car?
Mami how you say raining in Spanish?
Mami how you say stop raining in arabic?
Mami jalas cheta (I know the pronuciation is not the best and jalas is not the correct word to rhyme with rain but I know an arab would understand her)
Mami why we driving?
Por que fuimos a ver la casa
Mami can you buy me a house?
Si ya la compramos
Mami I have play date in my house?
Si Inshallah
Samia says Gamila say YEAH
Gamila - screams out of the top of her lungs YYYYEEAAAHHH (this kid does not know how to talk she screams)
Mami where is baba
In Target.
Mami lets go shopping
Okey Samia
Mami let's go Walmart (I know it should be Target)
Mami where you buy my mono

And it went on for about 1 hour till she finally felt asleep, then it was time to entertain Gamila hard to do since she loves to play with Samia, then it was me trying to keep her from waking up Samia so I gave up and DVD came up. Thank God Milo felt asleep a few minutes later this way I still felt like a Champion a 4 hour drive without DVD it can be done!!! YEppy.

Another huge milestone Samia you are in a booster chair now and I love is much easier and you have more mobility in the car which makes you a happier passenger.

Another thing that made me happy is the fact that even though they had to spend a whole day in a car today they were able to play nonstop yesterday for a couple of hours with some of their friends. Yesterday we had Carson (the doctor), Addison (the patient/princess Aurora), Carly (the Veterinarian), Gamila (the princess) and Samia you did a little bit of everything. We had a nice time having some Arabic food and some nice fruits and brownies the other mami's brought it was just a great time.

Samia also as of today you are officially a soccer player in Houma, LA I can not wait to see you running for the ball and having baba like a coach most likely. Wow I can not believe my pollito y pollita would be soon the soccer stars in Bayou country (okey mami you went a little bit over board, wishful thinking never hurts)

Today we did the first inspection in the house that would be another post my perfectionist husband drove the Realtor insane...can not imagine when we go for the final inspection with the builder, that would definitely would be a very long post.

Last night I finish sewing a dress for Milo I feel bad Samia always gets most of my sewing...I see it these way Gamila is growing fast --- what I make for Samia would end up being for Milo...I know I should not be thinking that way and actually my mind is changing now Gamila enjoys posing for me with her new dresses.


Nur said...

Hahaha :)
Cool kids! Elhamdulillah!
que lindo ver como crecen los niƱos!
me encanta cuando hacen ese tipo de preguntas!

Lisa said...

This blog is so much sunshine habibty. I just love coming and seeing you and the girls. Congrats to Samia on soccer in Houma! You guys are so strong Mistika, I know you've seen hurricanes. Mashallah you give me such good ideas about snacks for Youssef. Love you so much!

Jasmine said...

You made me laugh out loud! Lol! What a great reflection of real life ;0) I'm inspired xx

Mistika said...

Nur - tienes toda la razon.

Lisa - thank you habibi like always you are so sweet.

Jasmine - I am glad you stop by and reading you laugh.

Umm Omar said...

Oh my gosh! Hats off to you! A 4 hour drive with two little ones. Yer brave! And good for you for holding out on the DVD-I'm with you all the way when it comes to TV. They love moving to the booster, don't they? I love your sewing, you inspired me and I started doing some things, but I'm not brave enough to post them yet! :-)

Mistika said...

Umm Omar - I want to see them, it helps me relax the sewing.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of driving!