Monday, May 18, 2009

I am Aurora ~ like dress!

Lately I have being bitten by the sewing bug yesterday I worked on some things for the girls with scraps. I am trying to use all of my scraps before I buy more a very difficult task for me. Yesterday I did my first time french seam I had always fear it but is actually super easy.

Samia I did this dress that you absolutely love it was chilly today and you wanted to wear it no matter what I tried to pursued you and there was just no way actually this is how our dialog went this morning:

Keep on mind all of these is Mami in spanish - Samia in english

Mami - Samia you can not wear the dress

Samia - No I am a princess with very long hair

Mami - Princes wear beautiful pants like Jazmin the princess

Samia - No mami today I am Aurora like dress

After this I had not choice. Gamila I made you this nice supposedly dress but I did not have enough fabric so it ended up being a blouse. I was a little hesitant of making it since I dislike big bowls in kids in their hear or their clothing but after I put it on this morning you look drop dead gorgeous~~~ maybe it was the blouse and the model combination.

Milo also today I took you to the DR. for your 18 month check up everything was fine you are doing just fine an in difference to Samia you fear that place literally from the moment we walk in you were afraid. After I took you guys to the park so you could play a little bit and we meet a few moms from the mami group.


Yaya said...

You're so talented!

Anonymous said...

Samia looks so beautiful in that picture!! I love the sweet dress and the bow too!!
Miss you guys!


Stylomom said...

So clever you are... Mistika, thanks for the favour.. really appreciate it so much. Thank you.

Wenbren Explains It All said...

how pretty! I wish I knew how to sew! I love the way you talk to your girls in the blog, it so sweet that you are doing this for them:)

Deare Diary said...

I can not sew, so I am not an expert, but I love what you did. Your girls are so cute. I love their smiles.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Beautiful story, Mistika. I used to sew my niece's dresses... :)
Your Samia is very cute. :)

Blogging about the 80's and 90's said...

My bag has like a one inch tear in it, and I want to take it to a seamstress. I would never try to sew.