Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alarm System

So baba is away again, I can not wait to move I miss him allot and so do the girls, is amazing how my midget Gamila misses her baba, but oh well is life and is for something good.

Oh just wanted to add since we sleep alone in the house and we don't longer have Siwa this is what my door looks like every night.

Yes I know we could connect the alarm, but when we first moved in we had Morena who in the world would want to break into a house with a huge black lab, and then came crazy Siwa so we just never got to it.

For the balcony I have Siwa, Nieve and Napoleon guarding the entrance the doves, not sure how good they are, but one thing I have to add those doves don't stop singing (not sure what it is call the sound of doves) at night.

Also the last couple of nights nenas you decided to make midnight parties not sure if the intentions is to land in my bed one more night and baba would be here with us Inshallah.


Michelle said...

Looks like our old alarm system!!! :) LOL!!!!

Stylomom said...

Mashallah you are funny... you make me laugh and make my mood better.. I think you better get a lock. I know when I sleep I forget my name so a secure lock is a must.