Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blah blah blah

Just a few things that are going on physically and mentally.

The cable box is not working that means NO TV I though it would be hard but so far so good, we have paint, cut, sew...and yes try to teach my 3 year old how to hold a WII control a bit funny and frustrating at times.

Today I spoke to my cousin that is one person I admire he has being trying non stop to have a career in music and he is not giving up, he has a great voice Opera type but as we all know that is a difficult world to succeed so he is being trying in the pop world with a beautiful song helping a great cause in our country. He is being working very hard the last couple of months with another artist trying to help Colombia find PEACE. Hopefully this would make a difference in a country that deserves to be in PEACE.

Sometimes we don't realize it but we become addicted to certain sites in the net and then when we can not access them for some unexplainable reason for days we realize they are not so necessary after all we can still survive without them it makes us realize that it was a just a stupid addiction. This has happen to me since Sunday I have no access to my message boards not sure if is Mozilla not allowing me to access them anyway I will not sweat over it I have a few busy weeks after all.

Now mentally nenas sometimes is good to let out what is crossing our minds I hope you guys let it all out with me but I have to be realistic there are things I will never know from you guys is just that way, because who ever tells me that they tell their mami everything are big big liars. I have learn than once we let out our thoughts either in paper, to a person or to the whole Internet it always helps nenas always speak your mind and yes be aware that you might hurt some people when you speak your mind out, but it would be good in the end, always remember we only live once so we have to live it to our fullest.

Things that are crossing, flying, staying, bothering my mind...which now days is more like a recycle bucket.

The heat
The rain every afternoon
The driving back and forth
The anxiety of so many changes
The hypocrite two face people around my life
The long hours baba is working
Gamila's pampers can not wait to potty train
Samia's hair is always in her face even after a hair cut
Gamila's curls that just won't stay in place
The list of endless projects I have
All the money we are spending in the house
Trying to go green
Wishing I could write better in english
Picking up toys every 2 hours
Not winning the lottery

I guess this happens when you have no TV I do inside looking instead of outside looking.
Would go back to my sewing maching and waiting for the SOCCER game...I feel bad baba is going to miss it. Hopefully his team wins Manchester but not sure if Ronaldo can stop Messi. Yes nenas in a couple of years you guys would be sitting with us watching soccer....Inshallah!


Lisa said...

Hi habibity! If there's anyone who can handle the lack of cable, it's you. You are so good at projects! Plus, you aren't missing much dear. American Idol, Grey's and Desperate Housewives are over, and Kate Gosselin is SO annoying on Jon and Kate. I do like the new Cake Boss show, so I hope you get the cable back quickly.

Don't worry too much about the girl's hair. Inshallah it will work out as they grow.

I understand how you feel about the long hours your husband works. This will ease over time, it took me 5 years to get over the fact that mine works 20 hrs a day, 7 days a week, totally by choice. I have $1600 in unemployment coming in and before made $3000 at Dell. So some guys just LOVE to work, and it's hard to change them.

The hot weather is bugging me too. Maybe this is a good time to install a sprinkler/slip and slide for the girls. Rain? Wow, we're not getting any here!

Inshallah keep your head up dear, Love you!

Michelle said...

I sorta like when things go down like cable or a website...that way I feel like I'm not missing something (like what's going on with the message board), because there's nothing I can do about it! Then I find such a better way to spend my time!! :)

Jayme said...

I have to admit that sometimes I get confused when I read your blog, but today I imagined you saying all of it and "POOF!" I "got" every bit of it! Now I'm LOVING IT!
I went insane just before Easter and sold all of our living room furniture (including the TV), so I know what you are talking about (don't worry. . .we have a tiny TV for videos)! I think not having it has forced me to spend time with MYSELF! I have discovered much I don't like about the way I spend my time and have made a serious effort to over come it! Nowadays we have so many things pulling us in so many directions that it can be nice to sometimes go back to basics! Hooray for a day without cable...though I hope it comes back on for some good Soccer watching! ;)

Mistika said...

Lisa - as always you are so sweet I can not wait to watch Greys in DVD that is usually what I do.

Michelle - I know is actually good to be disconnected once in a while.

Jayme - I am glad you can understand my crazy sayings...I know sometimes I get lost in translation.

Anonymous said...

I think you write awesome in English!

No cable?? Ahhhhh!

Counselormama said...

Wow, you have a lot going on, I think it's good to stop and think once in a while, I also get "addicted" to certain sites, I think it's a nice distraction.

Lisa said...

Great idea! The finale was awesome on Grey's this season. Lots of love.