Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SamiGamiMamiBaba juntos

So yesterday and today we being home trying to get the Eczema under control and it has worked allot... Tomorrow we see the Doctor for Gamila's 15 month old check up and baba wants to come with us, so she can explain to him how this Eczema thing works...oh boy she is in for a ride.  YEs nenas babas can make a Dr. crazy, he is much much better than me when it comes to this sort of things.
Mami finally finish two things she was sewing for las princesas.  Samia for you I did a skirt I started to take pictures of the whole process to do sort of a tutorial but I am sorry nenas I am not good at tutorials so we would make some when you guys get older.  Gamila I did for you a dress a little bit in the long side but it come out nice and it was my first time doing a zipper and I think it came out pretty good, at least it goes up an down with no problema.
Gamila and Samia today you guys fought with each other most of the day.  Gamila you are a little ball of fire today I sat down with a watch and time you.  I only timed you for 30 minutes and you did not stop moving the whole time you run, jump in top of the couch, crawl no wonder you don't gain weigh. Thanks to my friend Annie in New York nenas this is a true friend I have known her for almost 20 years she is older than me well let's put it this way I used to babysit her oldest daughter.  Every time I have a question she has the remedy, una berraquera de mujer.  So she told me to keep you full of Vaseline but I mean full,  Gamila you shine from 10 feet away, the funniest part is your hair imagine curls full of vaseline.
As a mom I catch myself staring  at my nenas all the time is odd but everything amazes me even if is the same thing that they do over and over I always find something different with it.  If Gamila smiles I always find something more amazing in her smile, if Samia talks I always find her voice more pleasing...not sure why this happens is it that immense love we feel for our kids.   I love this feeling I think that it keeps me more alive is weird but is delightful, a non harming addiction.  Papito Dios I only ask to be able to enjoy this always!
A last note Samia made us French Toast today...Samia they were great the best part was when I would ask you to flip the bread or move it you will move the container instead of the bread..


Anonymous said...

Good sewing! Talented!!! My mom made my outfits as a kid.

That is a nice smile she has! :)

Bonnie Azadan said...

Would you show me how to do thw dress before u go?@! it is soso cute, you are indeed very talanted and creative!
In Christ you have been enriched in every way- in all your speaking and in all your knowledge.
1 Corinthians 1:5

Mona said...

I love the clothes you sew for them, so cute and you must be proud to see them wearing it!

Khadra said...

I love the dress!
Vaseline in the hair is very hard to get out!!

ModestJustice said...

You are so talented masha'allah!
And your daughters are so adorable!

I never comment,but I love your blog, it's so cute what you are doing for your daughters when they grow older ^_^

Oh and Vaseline is actually very bad for your skin and pores in general. It's basically a slick coat of oil over the skin, blocking your daughter's pores from water. It can cause swelling and if it's on the scalp it's especially bad to clog those pore-hair thingies. Stick with all natural :D

mistika said...

Yaya - I love making clothes for them I still remember some stuff my mom made it so it does make an impression.

Bonnie - la proxima semana te veo en mi casa vale.

Mona - I love hearing Samia saying mami you made for me.

Khadra - yes 3 days and still looks greessy.

ModestJustice - Have you heard the nutmeg past for the eczema I being wanting to try it but I am a bit afraid. Thanks for your comments I love them.