Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Barney here I come!

Baba and mami always talk about when you guys go to college and we have different views but I know baba is right and I will understand his point of view 100% one day as of now I am already halfway since I did start the famous college funds. He is a firm believer we have to pay the college education I think you guys have to work for it, I guess because I had to pay my own education since when we came to this country my parents had nothing and I had to work to pay my schooling.

I had many jobs starting from about 14. On the other hand baba did not work till he was about 19 and that was his leisure job coming to the USA to have fun and make believe work. Talking about this on our trip back and Gamila's love for Barney made me remember this story from when I was growing up. Gamila I told you I will tell you the story and here it goes habibi.

Mami's first job was as BARNEY- horrible horrible I will never forget the humiliation at that time now I laugh about it of dressing up as BARNEY and having to hand out fliers in the middle of a busy intersection for those from Miam it was Bird Road and 88th something like this but on a Saturday morning when everybody is going out oh and to top it off imagine 90 Celsius temperature with a humidity of 100% inside a BARNEY costume. Sweat, frustration, and counting every single second but not even able to look at your watch.

My view was Tio Fabio dress as Pluto on the other side of the intersection and cars and cars. We worked for a new children hair cut place that had open in that shopping plaza. Away from hearing the honks and the not so nice comments of people screaming they were something like this "Muevete Barney (move Barney)" - "Que cola mas buena BARNEY (lovely tail Barney)" and a combination of bad words that are not even worth writing. (Nenas for future reference never make fun of a dress up character is not nice and it hurts their feeling).

Tio Fabio was my savior every 45 minutes when we will take our break he would always tell me you are doing great we only have 2 more hours...Nenas even though he does not know it he encourage me many times. We did this for about 2 months till the day that the owner I really dislike this man told me in his Peruvian accent "Nina aprende hacer el saltico de Barney para que lo hagas en la calle" (Girl learn to do Barney's little jump so you can do it outside) I just look at him and inside said NO WAY. Tio Fabio and me would always joke this man looks like this without the feathers.

The thing I Dislike the most about him was the arrogant tone he used when he spoke to us. (Nenas always remember we all are equal no matter if you are the boss, that person you are giving order to, one day could your boss one day).
How I got rid of BARNEY in the middle of the street was thanks to Tio Fabio he was savvy enough to go with our boss to the place were the costumes were rented and he spoke to the owner when he saw they did children parties so he told him about us and the following weekend we were doing children parties.

We kept on working with the hair cut place we just put their
fliers in the windshields of cars in shopping centers during the week, but it did not last long we got fired....yes we got fired because we will sit in McDonald's and then throw away half of the fliers in the garbage in different places...and another business owner came with the fliers to the shop so they found out we were not doing our job...(yes nenas mami did make mistakes and we learn from them) when we came back home and had to tell Abuela you can imagine what happen the punishments, the talk about doing things right. Gracias Abuela!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! You were Barney??!! haha!

Stylomom said...

Wow, thats really a good story to tell kids, about humility and preseverence. I never got the chance to work until I finished school, and now, I keep taking sabbatical to study, maybe I'm not that keen to work, like you I think I prefer to sit and play with the kids and just spend every darn minute with the ones I love... nothing beats that, really. My kids love Barney by they way, and they sing the songs at the top of their voices, giving me headaches, I will show them this post. Thanks for sharing deary.