Thursday, February 12, 2009

A mind in a web****

So today we took Milo to Dr. Allhomduliallah she is growing fine and in reference to the Eczema is the season she did prescribed us another cream so let's see how it goes.

On a complete different note---- Today while I was watching TV they started talking about the orchids and that there are 28,000 species and most of them are from South America and allot from Colombia made me think of all the things that I want to do that I have not done yet. Nenas I think this would be nice to write it down, maybe in few years from now we can go over this list and try to do together what mami has not gotten to so here it goes nenas:

I always wanted to have orchids lots of them and hang them, (Abuela has a few and she takes care of them)

I want to finally breed my doves.

I want to build cages to have my doves breeding.

I want to learn how to hand smock.

I want to learn to paint in fabric for example table cloths.

I want to go in a safari.

I want to go to Stockholm don't ask me why, I think it was a movie I watch with Abuelo and the picture of the city plays and plays in my head.

I want to visit Grand Canon.

I want to own an RV.

So now that I am reading this I realize all of it is material things..hummm makes me think.

Nenas with my 34 years I have learn that everyday we are growing, sometimes I feel down and then I think of the pain Zetu is going thru and makes me feel guilty why I am feeling like this when there is real suffering somewhere else. So literally in my magical mind I don't want to make God busy with my nonsense and egocentric request, he has some other places where they really need him. So nenas in this moments only thank him and ask him to help others.

Nenas to tell you the truth I don't really go to church only once a year well that is now, when I was growing up I used to go 2 times per week, but really I did it because I was obligated either by los abuelos or the nuns. So I am always debating with myself should I go to church more often and take you guys, but then my common sense kicks in and tells me Why?

Why do I want to go because they say is the right thing....---well really thinking about it I should only go when I want to go and I should do the same with you guys, I am a vivid example making me go to church when I was a kid did not make me a better Catholic. I think that what really matters nena is the connection you have with God the respect and following what he stands for.

And nenas don't worry in Islam and Catholic he preach the same thing don't steal, don't lie, help your neighbor, respect your parents and the list goes on. I always wonder what religion you will choose or if you two would honor and respects the two teachings we have exposed you guys to.

Nenas don't ever feel guilty if you choose another venue it would be acceptable is the risk I took when I exposed the two of you to two different religions. However in my case it would be unacceptable if at the age of 34 I would want to change my religion...I would not accept it I was born a Catholic and I will die a Catholic at this age I will see it as a change of personality-character.

Nenas we always have to be proud of what we were raise as and in my case since it was only having knowledge of one faith there is no change. Abuela would not be sad abuela would be shame that at this age I am having those kind of doubts. Is funny when I wanted to marry a Muslim the ignorance that I came across oh Gosh he is going to make you convert....WHO SAID A MUSLIM CAN NOT MARRY A CATHOLIC OR JEW????? is insane...and NO NO he can not ask you to convert that is Biggest lie out here. Well maybe baba and his family are the liberal Muslims but I was never ask or try to be change, I think that never crossed baba's mind. Is funny I always bother him and ask him what if I was a Jew, would have you marry me and then he gives me the famous look MISTIKA come on you know I would.

WOW reading back at all that I have written so me away I am multi thinker, but nenas that is mami and I highly doubt it I would ever change. Just an example today I went to inquire to get my laptop fix (that is another post) and while the man explain to me how much and so forth I count every single desktop and lap top that he had in his repair shop..WHY do I do this??? I came back to the car and told baba he has 23 desktops and 16 laptops getting fix and his look was like AND? So at this point I stop to think and WHY did I do that? I am still trying to come up with an answer..

EDIT ----Nenas today we receive another award from one of our Colombian blogger mami's Gracias amiga te lo agradezco


Anonymous said...

Great list!

Mona said...

I love this. I too love orchids and want to own an RV!

Mami de Héctor said...

Hola! Pasé a saludar, gracias x pasar por mi blog, el tuyo es muy bonito, me encantaron las fotos de tus nenas, se ven muy pícaras y traviesas!
Un fuerte abrazo de este lado del mundo, cuídense mucho!

Junita said...

I truly loved this post! You should teach a religion course...

SaRaH said...

Wow you are a mum rabina ye7'alehomlek :)

Khadra said...

I want an rv too.

My father is a Muslim married to my mother who was raised Anglican. I chose to not choose any religion. I believe in a God, but I dont think any one religion is right, and I feel they are all referring to the same being. So no need to choose and have to follow the rules of one church. This is what is right for me. I have no idea what direction my children will go in.

mistika said...

Mona - wow we have a few things in common.

Mami de Hector - si sobre todo mi enana Gamila es una bolita de fuego

Juanito - I think here in the South I will not be taken in any place to teach religion haha.

Sarah - Shookran I love it

Khadra - wow nice to know I will love my daughters to turn to be like you believing in one God.