Monday, February 9, 2009

Caramelo Karamelo !!!!

So I will continue with our journey camping the days were full of walking, playing in the swing sets, cooking in our primitive ways, walking in the beach playing with the girls baba did some fishing but caught 0 fish, Malish baba, listening to the coyotes in the middle of the night, and also the beautiful splashing sound of the waves in the early hours of the morning.
Oh Samia you had your first experience fishing and like the girly girl you are had a bit of drama with your princess fishing rod.
The trip was everything we wish for, just the four of us no distractions no tv or computer at night family time Inshallah nenas we can keep doing this the years to come, here are more random pictures.



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Stylomom said...

So beautiful mashallah, and when you decide you are tired of taking out the chancla, you can send Samia to me, will be sooo glad to have her here, for a while or for a long time.. i know my girls will go bonkers having a girl like that as a friend. They are lovely girls!