Monday, February 9, 2009

News and more news!

Okey so I am back to reality and with many many news:

I am going to be an aunt nenas finally you guys would have a cousin in your own age group yeppy yeppy.

We are moving again nenas not sure where but again in the run so in other words Baton Rouge Salam (I think Target thinks that because baba is arab he is a bedouin moving from place to place)

Baba would be gone for the next couple of weeks he would most likely be coming and going.

New House that I got to design but never lived there(this makes me a little sad and blue but oh well)

The not knowing where our home would be till about 2 weeks is driving me a bit crazy poor nails don't have much left of them.

So Samia this is an update about you....lately when we are out and about specially stores when you don't get your way you start screaming and even throwing your self in the floor in my spanish way this is called MALCRIADA CULICAGADA american way we will call this temper tamtrum. Many things arise when you do this I get people staring at me I get embarrass I think they are thinking I am trying to kidnapp you and the worst part I start sweating like I just finish running a marathon. SO I have tried talking, bribing and nothing works and I even had the idea of telling you I was going to spank you with la chancla. Your response - La chancla en la casa (The chancla is at home)...

Abuela came to the rescue I call abuela almost crying from the car and told her the show you had just made in the store and your response so her advice next time you come out of your house you show her that the chancla is in your bag. So needless to say now not only I carry pampers, wipes, cream but also mami magic wand the CHANCLA. So if you guys see a crazy lady pulling a chancla out of her purse when she is checking out that is ME. Will update on how this is goign to work next time Samia decides to act up. Hard to believe this nice girl.


Stacy said...

you better tell Target to move you close enough where we can still visit :)!

Deron and Tina said...

Just heard about your move! Congratulations - I know this will be a good opportunity for your family but you will all be missed.

Stacey said...

Okay I don't like this. Target is now the enemy and you know I love Target but I don't want y'all to move.

KKGhoffman said...

Oh NO you have to move! And you will not be able to move in your new house. We are going to miss yall

Khadra said...

Im so sorry you dont get to move to the house you thought you were moving to.

The Bedouin comment was really funny lol!