Sunday, February 8, 2009

We found the water and many more things!

So we are back home. I think it would take me two days or maybe 3 days to post our mini adventure...
4 days full of

clear skies
wild rabbits
woodpeckers bird
cold wind
etc etc etc fun fun fun

So we left on Wednesday not really knowing where we were going we had a car full of things blankets, tent, stove, food etc two little nenas, baba and mami with a map.
The day was very cold and we were pushing to find the place to camp although half way the trip we had decided that maybe we would sleep in a hotel. We drove for about 6 hours and made it to St. Andrew Park

This were some of the first views that we would be having for the next couple of days...not sure on what to do baba and mami decided to go and set up camp then go to eat and depending how the weather would be we will decided where we were going to take a night rest..(not sure if it was irresponsible of us with 2 little children and not even sure where we were going to sleep) but it was vacation and it was fun.
When we first enter the camp the first thing we came across was a couple of deers...Samia got so excited and so did we. It was cold so we kept the girls in the car watching Barney (Gamila you are hypnotize by the dino..Samia today when we were driving back I told you my story with Barney would write it some other time) Baba and Mami set up the tent in about 45 minutes mami read the directions and we did team work. Nenas you guys loved the tent it is huge inside after having 2 twin mattresses 3 plastic totes and many other things you guys had a place to run and jump oh we even have a dog dome which is more like the hide and seek area. Nenas if you guys love the tent mami love what baba paid for it from 100 dollars we paid 20.

When I lived in New York I used to go camping to the Adirondacks which is in the woods I used to go with a family the father was very organize and I remember he used to take plastic totes for everything he assigned them clothes, kitchen etc. Now having girls I though that was good idea and it work great. So we set up, left everything ready in case we would spend the night there I even bundle the girls up. Then we decided to head to the town and find something to eat and decide the sleeping quarters.

We decided to stay in a hotel for the night the place is very nice is a Holiday Day Inn that in the summer must be a blast. The view from the room was to die for but in my case I only look at it from the windows I am afraid of heights but nenas by now you know this...baba had a blast taking pictures outside of the beach the birds and I enjoy taking pictures of las nenas INSIDE .

Thursday the adventure really started and happy that we slept in a nice place they said the temperatures had gone down to the teens...we were back in our campsite for breakfast baba made us delicious scramble eggs and foul (Egyptian beans) and pita bread and mami made a nice Cuban coffee. ( I know nenas in the middle of nowhere mami and baba have to have foul and coffee).

My eyes are closing to continue bookra Inshallah! A few more random pics I know abuela wants to see them!


Stylomom said...

Wow this is truly wonderful. I like to go near the animals, deers and sheep and cows, but to camp out I wont do it. Thank God, I'm with someone urbanised like me, I dont even like sand, sea and sun, so lucky your girls can rough it out, mine, the furthest we went was to be rowed at Mekong River in Vietnam to trace back historical sites. Great that you guys had fun!

Mona said...

I love the pictures! So great! I'm glad you had a nice trip, it looks wonderful.

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu visiting your blog

Lisa said...

We have missed you! I'm so glad that you had a nice trip dear friend. The girls look so happy and you all look rested.