Monday, January 26, 2009

Monster update. Lollipop = Hair cut.

Let's start by the monster. I failed she slept with us last night, once again 1:30 AM came around and like always she made the journey to my bed, I grabbed her by the hand and spoke to her about no monster and that "Carmelita her doll was with her" (she loves the doll I made for her, I am thinking of doing some others). I went back to bed but is hard to go to sleep knowing my nena is awake 2:15 AM I can not go to sleep I go to her room and she is wide awake holding Carmelita. I come back to the room and ask her baba and like a charming prince he told me bring her to the room, and I could not object. Oh Gosh if I could had taken a picture of her happiness when I told her to come and sleep with us.

Today we were washy washy about going out, but I needed something so I decided to go to the fabric store that is in the same shopping mall that Ms. Samia gets her hair cut, so when we are approaching she ask me if she is going to get her hair cut and I said yes but first we are going to buy some thread and boy did I get attitude:

She loves getting her hair cut because that is the only time she gets to hold a lollipop in her hand, and she takes advantage I have counted 7 lollipops per hair cut (the little ones), here we are in the place and I was impressed at the two princess how well behave they were:

Then we came home and mami was able to finish her princess dress, she loves skirts I had to bribe her today so she would wear jeans.


KKGhoffman said...

I love the outfit!! It is SO cute

Anonymous said...

mistika your outfits are so beautiful!!! They are the kind of clothes my Nuria would love to wear I wish we lived closer so you could teach me how to make them !!!

Mona said...

Aw, she's so adorable, mashaAllah. I too love the dress, so pretty.

Khadra said...

aww so cute!!
I cant imagine my kids at a hair dresser's. I cut their hair myself.