Monday, January 26, 2009

Reading Update 4

I have not read much lately between sewing for las nenas and the yo-yo's not much time left but I did get to finish 2 books and I am currently reading one.

Chicago - Guido got this book for me in Egypt he read the Arabic book and he got me the English one. Is an average book, I just could not get myself to agreeing with everything the author portrait. 

El Cartel de los Sapos - I finish the book although I am also watching la Novela, is a good book however there are so many characters that I was getting confuse with la Novela and the book.  Is a true story written by a narco that help the DEA. If you like crime, thrill, mystery this book has it all.

Marry to a Bedouin - Very nice book simple reading, but it has a beautiful love story, teaches a bit of geography and the way Bedouins live, I really like it, I came across this story by watching CNN international they had bits and pieces of her life in there and it was worth buying.

I am currently reading the Three Cups of Tea I have had this book around the house for a while, and I could not get myself to pick it up and read it, but last week I said okey let me try it give it a night and if I don't like it would put it away now I am hooked on it.

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