Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So I have always try to keep this a mommy blog, but is so hard not being able to put my political, cultural views to this blog, but after much debating I am going to do so...I think is only fair for Samia and Gamila to know what mami was thinking about when she was not changing pampers or doing motherly things...so today is the start...I also hope that I don't offend many of my readers, since many of them are my mommy friends that I see in a weekly basis. (well I should not be worry is freedom of speech if I were to write this in Colombia I might get in trouble and the same in Egypt, this is the beauty of the USA nenas )

So Obama is in office que alivio tan hijuemadre, supposedly he is being measure in his 100 first day, but for God Sake it took about 2920 days for Bush to screw it up, so why expect that my man can fix it in 100 days.

There are many things that he has done that I am already excited about, however I do have to admit for all I know it can all be talk what he is doing, but let's be positive is a start...he already engage the Muslim world makes me happy although I am not a Muslim half of my household is Muslim so anything that happens in that end of the woods does affect me. I am happy he did his interview with Albariya and not Al Jazeera, when I was in Egypt even before he became president he was already like, they love him over there..I do have to admit many of them think he is Muslim but I think many of them see him as African since yes Egypt is in Africa I have met many people that are not aware of that little tiny geographical fact.

Let's see what happens in the weeks to come with Obama and the middle east, as far as Colombia he has not engage with them yet, but I do know they are cutting the aid to Colombia and even though I am a Colombian I have to be fair there is no reason to help Colombia with so many billions like they do, there are many other countries that are in need of those money. Uribe would fend for Colombia he is being doing it for a while and has done an awesome job, his last triumph was the liberation of Betancur; however I have my doubts about that I think there was some dirt in that transaction he needed to score big so he could be reelected and have the constitution change in Colombia. One day we will learn the truth about this.

Inside America it scares me what is going on although here in Louisiana we have not felt the RECESSION to its full extent, I know many others places are in very bad situation even in my family los Abuelos are having hard times, good friends in Jersey are losing homes...so why help all of these banking organizations and car industries and not help this hard working families, I can not understand this, and this bull of the banks helping people I know of friends that have call the banking institutions trying to make an arrangement so they don't loose their homes and the answer is "Bring your mortgage up to date and then we talk" with this answer your response is don't pay and live a year for free till your house goes in foreclosure they leave them with no choice.

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