Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dale a la aguja.

Not much going on these days...just enjoying my silly girls.

I have being sewing some dress on an off is more like a trial and error and Samia and Gamila are my little guinne pigs in the journey of my best friend la aguja.

The pictures pretty much illustrate what Elashry Casa has being up to.
However, there is something I want to say before I show all of my pictures..
Dialog with Samia during dinner time.  So after I cook I sit wiht las nenas in the table and we start having supper, baba has being working nights so is being a house full of damitas.

Mami starts explaing Samia where the rice comes from the whole process.
  • Farm
  • Farmers picking it up 
  • Going to the barn
  • Being process
  • Package 
  • Supermarket
  • Mami buying it at Target
Samias' response to all of these out of the blue "Thank you for shopping with us" Mami was speechless where the heck did she learn that....


Khadra said...

Do you make their clothes?!!

mistika said...

Some of it, I am learning as I go!

Kim said...

LOVE the new outfits! You are so awesome!

Stacy said...

I love Samia's skirt! You are getting so GOOD!!