Saturday, January 17, 2009

When do we become obsessive? When we learn WANT!

What is the meaning of obsessive =
  1. Not being able to think about anything else.
  2. Having one thought or pursuing one activity to the absolute or nearly absolute exclusion of all others.
After reading this I will conclude everybody in my house is obsessive, but I would also add than obsessive goes hand in hand with WANT!

Baba - The moment something crosses his mind it stays there either talking about or acting...for instance he wants a kitchen burner to use in the balcony this means we get out of the bed not even that more like jump off the bed get the girls ready the dog and start driving around to every single store that crosses his mind till he finds it... He does not think we can order on line pay no shipping and have it home by next week...that suggestion is thrown out of the window!

Samia - she dance to Bebe Lilly for hours...and if I change I don't' want to deal with the drama that comes...she can sit with her I Spy book for hours, that means I have to sit as well and if I don't...more more drama, the tears that come down her cheeks would ruin the precious book, and the list goes on..

Gamila - she is in a mild stage (this lets me conclude that one becomes obsessive as it gets older) I can still control her obsessions.

Siwa - Oh boy i never though dogs were so obsessive that dog would go crazy if I take her bone or I take her toy or her blanket and she would look and look till she finds it.

Mami - What can I say the leader of the pack....very very obsessive would not stop till it is finish for example...would stay awake till the early hours of the morning finishing whatever she has in her mind...would go to the store just like baba when something crosses her mind...would not give up till it is perfect.

This being said I would venture to say that we live in an obsessive society...because when I look around that is what I see! Nenas Inshallah one day maybe in 2031 we can talk and see how all of these obsessions affected our lives.


Mona said...

I think I get that way sometimes...never stop till what I want to do is done.

Khadra said...

I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I understand getting "stuck" on things!