Monday, January 19, 2009

Baba Agaza for the week!

So baba is agaza this week and we are enjoying him, we had contemplated going to Miami but the drive is tooo long with the girls so instead we will stay here and just enjoy the week, and finish doing some things around the house.

Gamila you are starting to imitate everything that Samia and that includes eating Popsicle and making a mess all around but oh well is only fair for you to enjoy la paleta with your sister.

So I have to confess my deep thinking is done while I am taking a shower....or like we call them here at home a fast shower..(even Samia tells me mami I want fast shower) however when baba is home showers can be baths.

So today I was thinking there has being so much buzz about tomorrow finally Obama is taking office...and I really like Obama I voted for him and I have alot of hope, however why do we have to spend so much money in his inauguration....come on the country is falling apart and we are spending 150 MILLION in this party this is absurd. I guess only time would tell how much change he can offer! Nenas this is the first African American president of the USA, history would be made tomorrow, I really hope he opens the road for so many other ethnic groups to hold office...yes yes I mean the children of nenas I am not putting pressure is just a though...sonar no cuesta nada.

Okey now lets go on how my day was, mami did groceries today and I went all mini, mini apples, mini squash, mini eggplant, mini potatoes. This reminds me when guido was here we will go and buy vegetables and he will always tell me "Mistika this vegetables are so big, Why?" In Egypt most of the vegetables are much smaller than here, out of a cucumber from here you can make 2 in Egypt.

Baba today decided to cook for his girls his Alexandria dishes. Ya salam 7elwa awy.

So our menu was as follow:

Samack Morgaan (Red Snapper) - Roz Saydeia - Tahina

Red Snapper
Serrano Pepper

Get the fish wash it and clean it (nenas one day baba would teach you how to wash the fish, he does not trust nobody washing the fish)

Slice the top like slanted lines

Mix the cumin, serrano pepper (little of this unless you want it very spicy), salt, pepper and rub it to the fish with a little of lemon as well

Put it back in the fridge for about 1 hour.

While the oil gets warm, in a tray put flour and cover the fish with the flour

Take vegetable oil in pan put it on high and throw drop one hot pepper to make sure the oil is hot.

Once the oil is hot put the fish in, it takes exactly 10 minutes for it to be cook, flip it several times.



Get an onion and chop it off in little pieces

Put a little of oil to heat once it is hot put the onions and let it brown

Take a little tomato and grind it once the onions are brown mix them together

On the side prepare the rice like always water salt, etc

Then mix everything and start making the rice


Tahina paste
White Vinegar

I am bad for measurements so pretty much mix a little bit of everything, till you get a creamy sauce

And here are our princess ready to eat, Allhomduliallah!

Okey so after so much eating and relaxing baba help mami finish Samia's outfit he was nice enough to draw me an alligator so I could make as an applique. I had already done the pants and last night my friend Kim gave me an idea on how to put my applique on the shirt, since I am clueless when it comes to making appliques. Thanks Kim! By the time we finish my model had gone to sleep.


Mona said...

You're making me hungry in the morning! I'm not a huge fish person but that looks really good.

Kim said...

I LOVE the alligator outfit and you did a GREAT JOB on the applique! I need Baba to draw me some things now! :)

*~Ange~* said...

ahh cooking egyptian... i just did some then

Khadra said...

looks good!
I imagine you have an interesting mix of dishes in your house!
We have American, Southern, and Arabian dishes here.

The vegetables here are bigger than in the Middle East, but the vegetables in Japan are huge compared to here!!