Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Mistery has being resolved!

Nenas I loved what I saw just made me so happy to see the two of you helping each other. Well let me go back and explained how it all happen.

For the past week I think, I have being finding Gamila in top of my bed all of a sudden I will walk into the room and Wallah she is in top of the bed. How can this happen she is a midget, if you want to see a petite little girl that is my Milo I know she is sneaky and very very fast and we call her Houdini, but the bed come on there is no way.

So the last days I am always going to the room when I don't see her around, because I figure she is in top of the bed plus I am afraid she is going to fall off it since she is also fearless. I did not put too much mind into it, I figure she was putting her foot in the bed base rail and then push herself up.

However today I discover she has help from another little person SAMIA. When I was washing the dishes I did not hear them at all so I go to the room walking very softly and I find Samia grabbing Milo by the waist pushing her up. The best part is that Gamila helps her by grabbing the comforter and pushing her self up. It was just so beautiful seeing the two of them helping each other, it was just beautiful how at this little age they are already helping each other.

Nenas lately also in the car the only thing that Gamila does is laugh at Samia's very very silly faces. She just cracks up and Samia enjoys making her little sister laugh.

Gracias nenas and keep this up this is the start of many more and bigger jobs that the two of you would do together.
Mashallah for sister....Although I don't have a sister and the one that I had is gone now. Sisters are the best, better than a best friend!!!!!!!

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Simply Eva said...

That is just tooooooo cute! Helping each other into mischeif--hahaha. Wait until they get older and see what they cook up!