Saturday, December 20, 2008

Viejitos, Park fun, Maybe Quarantine

So yesterday was our big day to go and see los viejitos to give them some Christmas fun and spirit. The whole mommy group went.

The truth nenas I was very sad to see them. You know how you walk into a place and sometimes one person just draws your attention and it definitely does not have to be the talkative. There was this older man that I could not stop looking at without running his mouth he could tell you so much with this lost eyes. He was just in his own little world. I wonder which situation is better the ones in their own little world which really do not know what is going around them or the people that are fully aware of where they are.
I just don't know how a son or daughter has the heart to leave their parents in these places. Inshallah something like this never happens to one of my loved ones.
Samia you were a bit afraid I don't blame you although baba had spoken to you earlier that morning and told you that all of them were Suzzu's friends and we were going to visit them, but I think you were just a bit shy. Hopefully the next time you will warm up to all of them.
Gamila you in the other hand just enjoy your stroller and look around.

After so much giving it was only fair to have the kiddos have some park fun the kids really enjoy running around in the crazy weather we have down here in the south.
After all of these fun one of Gamila's little friends got sick poor thing but know we are waiting to see if Gamila catch what she had. Oh well! What can you do they are kids and like to share, there is nothing we can do just wait and see how Gamila reacts in the next couple of days. Inshallah she rides this well, so as of these weekend Milo is quarantine at home to make sure she is good to go on Monday.

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Simply Eva said...

You are such a giving person and setting a wonderful example for your kids...masha Allah! May Allah bless you all.