Sunday, December 21, 2008

El Nino Dios and Santa have a plan! Ginger Bread Home

So lately I have being debating and truly is only mami the one debating since baba celebrates Christmas because of us, is not something he grew up with. Although I have to admit he is very good with all the festivities and the preparing he is my chef partner to prepare all my Colombian dishes for that day.

So I grew up believing en el Nino Dios. In Colombia there is not such a day as Christmas day that day is to lounge at home recuperating from the night before. I celebrate Christmas Eve marking the birth of Jesus. From the day I can remember we always stayed up till midnight to open all of the presents under the tree that el Nino DIos have brought for us. When we moved to the states I was older and still believe in el Nino Dios but Santa took over El Nino Dios.

The last couple of Christmas Samia has stayed awake with us till midnight....however she was not so aware of what is going on. This year Samia believes in Santa and that he is going to bring her many presents and so I have being breaking my head deciding how to do this. I have all the presents that Santa has left for us in the the guest bathroom which nobody uses.

So today I decided we were going to make Santa some little gifts and Samia was so much into it she loves to glue so we made a few Christmas ornaments for the tree and we hang them in the tree I told her that Santa is very busy and he has started to drop of gifts and every night he would come and take one of the gifts she did for him and he would start leaving gifts but we she can not open them till El Nino Dios says it is okey.

Here is Samiuta doing her ornaments
Here she is hanging the ornaments she made

I wonder why make up all of these stories, but then I tell myself they are children and are allow to believe and live childhood...

I have also decided that the ornaments that she made as gifts for Santa would be giving to Abuela so she can put in her tree and I know if I give them to Zetu and Guido they would hang them all over the house, like they do with their pictures. Mashallah for such a beautiful family, although I have to admit I being kind of nostalgic lately I miss my Amira. and till this day I just can not believe that she is not around. Que picara es la vida a veces con nosotros nos tira jugadas que nunca nos hubieramos imaginado.
Wahashtiny Habibi!!!\

So Baba came from work to do a much awaited Ginger Bread House. Samia and baba had a blast, she even wanted to take it to her bed for night, night, night.


Simply Eva said...

Masha Allah! What patience you have! I cant in a million years imagine me making a gingerbread house. Tooo much work--but then again I am not very artistic. I love to cook and bake--but dont have the artistic flair needed to make a gingerbread house--man maybe--haha--but house no way! But yours looks lovely masha Allah. Happy holidays to you and yours...with love!

Mona said...

WOW that's so awesome...will it be hard to eat it...?