Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Love is Reciprocal


So I remember growing up listening to Abuela say "Da amor para recibir amor" it goes something like "Give love to receive love"
Today I experience it....Samia is only 33 months.. 33 months mami has showed her love however is more like 42 months mami has shared love with her.

Today while I was giving her a bath, I decided to sit in her stool, I tried to move pushing the stool, but I had forgotten the legs are made of rubber so they don't slide, I fell of the stool. I did not hurt myself but Samia saw my facial expression and she got so scared. She was telling me in such a worry and desperate voice "Mami you ok! Mami you okey?" I could tell by her tone of voice she was so scared. At this point tears came down, when she saw me crying she wanted to jump out of the tub to run to me. I had to start laughing and making fun of silly mami.

Today I saw how much my baby girl loves me already!!!!!!! Gracias Dios por darme lo que tengo una bella familia. Gracias Abuela por enzenarme todo lo que se!!!!!

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