Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Routine things!

So the last days it has being mami and nenas times something I love doing..however nenas I have to be truthfully there are times I feel overwhelmed. Is such a shame not having any family around that can give you a hand. I know I have a few friends in the area, but is two children to babysit that is kind of embarrassing, and the truth I have never left my kids with a babysitter, I just can not do it and I know baba would not accept it neither, I can not just pay a babysitter for me to have fun. I know I know nenas mamis is insane but what can I do it just does not seem right in my head, not sure why, is it the culture? is it a belief? or is it just plain stupidity? I know that one time I kind of brought it up to Abuela and right away she was like no no no, you don't leave your children with a babysitter, and when I have brought it to baba he is like I rather wait for Abuela to come so we can go out.

So since mami gets not time off we have our routine and it can be lots of fun and crazy:

-Every time we get in the car we sign and mami is always screaming signing and going "3 Crazy girls" I think the other drivers most thing I am insane.

-Every time mami takes a shower when we are home alone she locks the bathroom door and sticks the 2 of you in there and takes a shower with the curtain open just using the hose...oh well that is life with 2 under 3.

-Every time we eat yogurt we sit in the kitchen floor and the 3 girls eat from the same container we have always done it like that (don't ask me why)

-Before going nite nite we always lay in bed the 3 of us and play novias and kiss and kiss each other.

-Mami still checks your room maybe 6 times thru out the night (this is insane, I have to get over it, hopefully when you guys turn 15 I can stop using the monitor as well)


On another note mami and baba have started to buy some things for the new house. I am so excited, currently we are working in painting the rocking chairs for the girls (pictures and the process to be posted later on).
Today mami got a very nice display case made in Mexico for her mud people, finally my beloved collection of mud people would get a decent place to be displayed. We also got some nice lanterns from Morocco and some other stuff from India. On that note Ashish I will be sending you my wish list for the girls...yes yes I also have a room for your family in my house.

I can not wait to move in and start putting everything up, also finally Guido and Zetu would come and stay with us some time. I know it would not be easy at times but life is full of sacrifices and those are baba's parents that makes them like mine. Nenas Abuela is always teaching me be good to your mother in law, that is like your mother as well. The way I see it also is that I have brothers and I will not like for my sister in laws to mistreat my mother. Is very simple nenas you don't do to others what you don't want done to you.

And to finish the day what better than some bath tub fun with the girls.

This are silly faces
Sister Bosa Bosa
Milo posing for mami
Samia princess this is how you pose this days
God thank you for allowing for me to stay home to take care of my nenas.


Mona said...

OMG they are so cute! I keep checking on the kids too, not as much as you but,it's like an itch, I have to take a peek sometimes.

Anonymous said...

they are adorable