Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Farewell giraffe highchair

So as of today the highchair has retired in our Casa.

Samia officially you have a chair in the dinning table.

Gamila you are officially the proud owner of a booster chair.

So how did we acquire the chair, we got it for Samia as a gift one of Abuelas friends in Miami. Mami got into a fight in Target getting the chair it had the wrong price and mami did a show (no nenas it was not in baba's store, he would had kill me)

The chair served its purpose after many many pictures taken, many times removing the whole cover to be wash and many times cleaning teh two trays.

However there are 2 episodes I can not forget in the chair.

Samia when you were teething at around 13 months Guido was here with us you will suffer from diarrhea attacks to the point that Guido would have to drag you and put the whole chair inside the shower, that was how messy it was.

Gamila with you it was your Houdini acts trying to escape from the chair after having all the belts tied around you.

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