Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gracias, Shookran, Thanks for Sharing!

So yesterday we had a day full of fun things we have to Thank God for all of this fun I think more for giving us the chance to enjoy our friends and family while doing a good deed for others.
In the morning we went to Grady's house and yes that is little Grady but Miss. Samia does not count the mommies she only refers to her friends, we met to get the gifts ready for next week since we are visiting a nursery. Samia I should mention you turn out to be a little Picasso you took care of the art department.

Nenas mami has a very hard time understanding why someone would put their parents in a nursing home??? I mean if you can afford a nursing home why not keep them with you at home and maybe have a nurse or aide come and give you a hand while the children work. I guess is a controversial subject but nenas always remember in baba's and mami's culture this is not something we do. Abuelos or Parents should always be taken care of no matter how old, how sick or how much work they are.

Okey Gamila when are you going to WALK yes WALK??????? Here you look like a little bad boy, I have to go and get you earrings...I know Gamila mami is being lazy but we really need them you look like a boy. Funny last night baba and mami were watching TV and they showed this girl with beautiful eyes and eyelashes and beautiful make up I tell baba if Mio was here she was going to teach you to put Kohl I guess that would be Zetu's job now since mami has no idea how to put make up on.

You know nenas looks are not important is what is inside but at the age the two of you are at I have to tell you what melts my heart every time I see my princesas.
SAMIA I will start with you:
Cheeks, Smile, Dimples, Hair, Eyebrows
Eyes, Eyelashes, Eyebrows, Hair
But most important of all the love and joy I feel when I am laying between the two of you, well that is when I can wrestle Milo to stay still for 1 minute.
So we waited for baba to go and see Santa Claus, he was going to be at a park close to home it was so much fun.. They had a stage where Santa was seating next to Mrs. Claus, Samia you were not to interested in climbing up there, you were more interested in having your face painted
Milo you were just sitting in your stroller seeing how your sister had lots of fun.
Roasting marshmallow
Candy hunt, to tell you the truth I never though you were going to understand the candy hunt but boy was I wrong you were a champion you got on the line
you waited for the man to give the instructions and when it was time to run in the field looking for the candy
off you went:
....Bravo Samia then you had to run and show baba everything you had collected
you did it! you collected candy canes, chocolate, lolly pops and many more candy.
So when we came home you were still showing me your face painting and you will not let me take them off. So you slept with them and to prove that here you are in the morning with your faithful companion that makes you company every morning in the bathroom