Friday, December 12, 2008

Colombia Family reunion

This is a Abuelo...te quiero mucho papi

So nenas like you already know mami in Colombia has a very numerous numerous family.
lots of primos, uncles, tias etc etc...and most important Abuelo oh I surely miss him allot, Inshallah next year we can go and visit him. He will be so happy to carry the two of you and play. He always loved children and children love him. He is a very intelligent man, wise man it so sad that he is not close to us so we can spend more time with him, but nenas the fact that we don't see or live close to the ones we love does not mean we don't think about them or love them everyday more and more.
This past weekend tio Octavio came from Spain and Sor Margarita (This is how we address a nun) came from Ecuador. She is a woman to admire she dedicated her whole life to God and has always live in poor villages taking care of the orphans. Abuelo went to visit her a couple of years back and the village she was at, was so far away that he even had ride a donkey to be able to reach her village.
I remember when I was a little girl she came to visit us in Pasto, and all of a sudden there was an earthquake and Sor Margarita would not come out of her room till she fix her veil...oh it was funny here is Abuelo screaming "MARGARITA" come out and she is hold hold I need to fix this thing. One thing I surely remember about her is her contagious smile.
Nenas here are some pictures of some of mami's uncles and aunts there are some missing.

Here are some of mamis cousins and believe me girls there are many many many more

And nenas this is the picture the two of you fall into these are the children from mami's primos and there are many many more and unfortunately I don't know any of them, hopefully soon.

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