Sunday, December 14, 2008

Doing what Mio knew best GIVING

So last night I could not fall sleep and here I am searching the web and I read like 3 articles all saying how there are not enough toys being donated, or enough food being donated. So how can we help I start thinking. Then I think that maybe donating to an orphanage would be a good idea.

When baba wakes up I tell him and right away his answer was "YES and we are doing it today in Amira's name" When we were in Egypt we heard many stories from the people that would come to the house to say Sorry, how Mio would always be giving toys for the poor children or checking their teeth, donating children tooth brushes, tooth paste etc. Keep on mind many of these items are expensive in Egypt and a family in need can not afford them.

So I call several places and finally I found a shelter for woman and children I spoke to the person in charge and she was so happy and excited she even took the time to tell me every child age and gender, and I could tell by her voice she wanted them today. So on we went to buy the toys and then we come home to wrap them.

Through the whole process Samia help us pick the toys up, she help us wrap the toys. She wanted some for her but mami and baba explained to her that we were helping Santa and we were going to give them to other children. By the end of the process she was saying "All these toys for my new friends" Allhomdulilallah! she understood the best she could.

After everything was finish we drove to the place and left them there so the children can have some toys in Christmas.

Nenas Inshallah we would do this every year however there are a few rules:

-NEW toys NO DOLLAR store toys that would be Haram or unfair.

-NO receipt for the donation (that would be cheating here we are giving and then get something monetary in return NONO remembe we give without expecting anything in return)

-The greeting cards have to say From: AMIRA

Samia I was very proud of you today! Baba was very happy doing all of these however I could tell at times his eyes water and was overwhelmed with emotions. Me what can I say I miss her everyday!


Ashley said...

What a wonderful thing yall have done as a family! Giving brings so much Joy!

James said...

You post touched my heart. I am honored to have friends like you. You have inspired me.


For the love of cooking.... said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog. I really appreciate them. You have a beautiful family!! My husband is from El Salvador and my heritage is Italian and Portugese so I try to incorporate a little bit of everything in my cooking!! ;o)