Thursday, December 25, 2008

Feliz Navidad 2008

For all of those that did not receive a Christmas card here it is

The night went perfect although Gamila was sick Samia was able to enjoy her night. Very early on she started telling me Santa needed a flashlight since she knew that he would past when it was dark so she could open the presents.

Then she came with the idea that he was going to call her to tell her hello, she drove baba and mami crazy with that idea, so baba had to go outside to make some phone calls (hint hint hint), when all of a sudden the phone rings is Santa it goes like this.




Santa: (Speechless)


After this I have a running princess happy and wanting to call Abu, to tell her Santa call also when she saw baba she could not stop telling him and is so funny she gets so excited she startles. Finally somebody in Miami pick up the phone her lucky tio Cesar so once again she got to talk about her conversation with Santa and the lucky one was her tio Cesar.

While all of these is going on she is opening the balcony door and screaming out of the top of lungs.

SANTA SANTA SANTA SANTA....It was so hard for her to keep her calm here she is trying to open the presents way way before we could open them up

Before sitting down for dinner mami decided to take a few shots of them around the tree, since I knew in a few minutes there would paper all over the place.

And here she is picking again while mami was getting the table ready

Poor Gamila while all of these was going on she was just to sick to be part of the action she only wanted to be in mami's arms.

So baba told Samia santa has just pass in his carriage and she could open the present. There are no words to explain her facial expression, the happiness, the desired to play with that kitchen, I have to admit after she open her kitchen it was hard for her to understand that there were more presents she just wanted LA COCINA.

I could tell she was so happy while she was opening all those presents some of her phrases were:






After putting Gamila to sleep baba and mami decided to build the kitchen we tried to put Samia to sleep but it was impossible she did not want to go to sleep till she got to play with that kitchen. Samia you were so happy with your kitchen that you even pipi while making mami some late night coffee.

Nenas overall it was a beautiful night we enjoy each other, we laugh, we scream, we cried but most important of all we were together. We remember the ones that could not be with us, but we know how much we love them and how much they loved us and Inshallah we will be together next time.

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Simply Eva said...

Oh that's so funny that she talked to "santa". What for the day when she realizes Santa sounds like he's from Egypt and not the North Pole--lolol. Kids are so cute at this age, believing in magical possibilities in everything.