Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Motherhood also means running away!

So we got an early Christmas present Gamila is sick. Is a virus that she catch from one of her playing mates...oh well Camryn you gave Gamila a gift that mami would never forget...You know I am kidding Kim. So last night we woke up every 2 hours with Milo, I love that girl to death but she can be high maintenance, now imagine her sick.

Today she is really sick needy, fuzzy, sores in her mouth a little of fever and not wanting to eat poor thing, but all of these makes mami tired. I have being running away from her when ever I see she calms down I get up and go to the other room trying to get something done for Christmas.

We all are so upset our friends could not come over so we can celebrate Christmas, Samia has not stop asking for her friend Alexandra I know she would be upset when she does not see Alexandra walk thru that door today.

For now are just lounging at home waiting for tonight. Samia has had a hard time trying to contain her self from opening the presents she already rip the paper off one of the boxes, I catch her just in time from preventing her to what was inside. I will update later on tonight, I can not wait to see her happy face.


Stacy said...

OH NO!!! Poor Gamila! I am so sorry that you could not have your wonderful Christmas Dinner with friends.
I hope she gets to feeling better real soon!

Kim said...

I am so sorry! I will have to make it up to you somehow! :(