Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cuadro o Mobil del alfabeto

This one took me a while to finally accomplish many nights trying to get it right and I still think that I have to do a couple to feel completely happy.

Nenas mami always fights two issues when she does craft, I have a hard time understanding that they are crafts meaning no two are the same and they can have its flaws, little flaws makes the ending product prettier and unique.

For the alphabet I first draw them and cut them, but then I realize that it was easier for me to just cut the shape as I went along, I guess this would depend on how comfortable the two of you feel.

Sewing Machine
Sticks of wood
Yarn or ribbon

-So cut 26 fabric strips of different fabric make the strips like 6 inches long by 4 inches wide since you are going to fold them in half to cut out each letter

-Once all the letters are cut sew them leaving the ends open

-Once the letters are sewn stuff them, you can use the wire to help you push the stuffing around

-Sew the ends

-Cortar los arrededores para que luzcan limpias

-Take a needle with yarn and make hoops so you can hang them like ornaments or you could use ribbon

-Use your imagination to decorated in the sticks

If the two of you would be smaller most likely I would had done mobil for the cribs, but not that you guys are older I would just hang it on the wall.

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